Anthology Coaching: Helping individuals and organisations get unstuck. move forward. make change. start again. shape today. change tomorrow.

Change Tomorrow by Changing Today

Anthony Hilder

Anthology Coaching was founded and is run by Anthony Hilder. You can find out more about Anthony here.

For nearly twenty years, we have helped individuals and organisations make changes essential to their future ambitions.

Anthology Coaching offers professional coaching and consulting services that help individuals and organisations:

  • Get unstuck.
  • Make changes.
  • Move forward.
  • Start again.

Discover how Anthology can help you and your organisation grow



Coaching is a journey that helps you make a change in your life.

We will guide you to discover your purpose and design a clear strategic plan to live it out.


Consulting provides you with a thorough assessment.

We will equip you with a clear strategic plan designed to help you grow your organisation.


Testimonials from previous clients

“I asked Anthony to do a coaching session with me because I was stuck at a particular crossroads regarding career options. Let me tell you, Anthony BLEW me away and gave me the clarity that I was looking for. Needless to say, I believe that Anthony is particularly gifted and I highly encourage you to make use of his services.”
— Ryan Hofacre
“Coaching with Anthony really helped me to shift my perspective to start focusing on the big picture instead of nitpicking about the here and now. He asked insightful questions that allowed me to figure it out and spoke intentionally and with wisdom. I highly recommend Anthony to help you figure out your goals and how to practically reach them!”
— Calen Pos
“Anthony is a great listener and asks the right questions. He has a simple and effective structure that brings clarity of purpose, vision, and mission. After the first two meetings, I was able to take a closer look at the long list of things I thought I was supposed to be doing and focus my energy on what really matters. He is wise, full of practical insight and not afraid to tell you what you really need to hear.”
— Niyi Adereti

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