8 Simple Attitudes That Guarantee Your Growth

8 Simple Attitudes That Guarantee Your Growth December 27, 2018
Personal Growth

Despite our best wishes, personal growth isn’t guaranteed. Growth comes from our attitude. How we think matters. Here are eight attitudes that guarantee growth if we embrace them.

Personal Growth

1. A focused attitude guarantees our growth

When we are focused, we know what we want. We have clear goals in mind, which brings clarity to our thinking and acting.

2. A strategic attitude guarantees our growth

If we know what we want to be, do or have, then making plans and following them is key to bringing the dream into reality. If we have an order to our steps, it is easier to track our progress and growth. A good coach can help form an effective strategy.

3. An intentional attitude guarantees our growth

Plans without action are just fantasy. Knowing when to start your growth plan, how to start, and then simply starting, are imperative to see the change you want.

4. A realistic attitude guarantees our growth

Growth takes time so celebrating success, no matter how small or insignificant, will give you the encouragement and energy to press on. If we expect too much too soon, we will become discouraged and more like to end our efforts.

5. A patient attitude guarantees our growth

Another aspect of growth taking time is the need for patience. Along the way, we may make mistakes! Instead of negatively responding to a mistake, use it as an opportunity to learn. What would you do differently next time? This information is key for growth and gives valuable experience to us we wouldn’t otherwise have.

6. A determined attitude guarantees our growth

Determination means we pick our path and continue to walk it, despite obstacles and barriers we encounter along the way. Sometimes things aren’t easy, but if we are prepared for resistance then we are more likely to overcome it and push on.

7. A consistent attitude guarantees our growth

For growth to be actual and sustainable, consistency is essential. Making decisions and sticking with them, even when we don’t feel like it or don’t want to, forms discipline in us. Instead of being led by our feelings, we can acknowledge them yet continue on the path we have chosen.

8. A motivated attitude guarantees our growth

The best motivation comes from within. It reveals ownership and means that we do the right thing even when no one is watching. Changing for others can work, but also gives power away to others. When we own the growth we want to see, the most important person to be mindful of in our decision making is obvious – ourselves.

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