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Anthony Hilder

Why Anthology?

An anthology is a collection of related artistic works.

We all have a life story, which is our own personal ‘anthology’. Some chapters we will have enjoyed, whilst others we did not. Some parts of the story are yet to be written. Maybe we know how we want the ending to turn out, or perhaps we don’t like the way the story is going.

Whatever our personal or organisational story, Anthology Coaching specialises in helping to ‘change the story’. Whether we want to close or start a new chapter, Anthology Coaching helps people and organisations change their tomorrow by seeing what needs to change today, so we can set our own story.

With over 15 years of coaching and leadership experience Anthology Coaching will give you the best guidance tailored to your story. For organisations and individuals, you can rely on Anthology to deliver.

Planning without action is stagnation.

Action without planning is reaction.

Planning with action is momentum.

The journey

Anthony Hilder is originally from the United Kingdom – England to be precise. He has served organisations across the UK and Europe, USA and Canada, South Africa, and Australia and New Zealand.

Working for over twenty years in business and organisational leadership roles, Anthony worked in the corporate banking arm of one of the UK’s major banks, and held leadership & coaching roles with two British not-for-profit organisations. He holds a Diploma in Life Coaching, the skills of which he has used in professional and personal settings for over ten years.

He also lived and worked in the United States as a Chief Operating Officer and Chief Financial Officer of a $1.5 million dollar not-for-profit, with his role involving personnel, strategic, operational, financial, training and coaching oversight.

To get a sample of what he can offer you, you can find out about some of his FREE assessments here.

His goal is simple: to help individuals and organisations thrive.


A Legacy of Innovation

Individual and organisational clients come to Anthology for strategic and practical abilities but also for a unique way of working. Anthology invests the time to truly understand your story, giving real insight and a fresh perspective to help you move forward.


Anthology Coaching upholds an ethos to deliver coaching and consulting that is teamwork, targeted, and transformative.

No matter your individual or organisational aspirations, Anthology can help you to unlock your potential for growth. Get in touch today and see how we can help.

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