Four Keys To Unlocking Your Life Purpose

Four Keys To Unlocking Your Life Purpose December 2, 2018Leave a comment
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We all want to know what we are born for. Knowing the one thing we are meant to do gives a focus and brings meaning to the everyday hum-drum of life. So how do we find our life purpose? It’s a huge question and might take the best part of a lifetime to fully discover, but there are four keys we can use to begin unlocking our understanding of our life purpose.

Key 1: Our Inspiration

What are your dreams? What do you want to see in your lifetime? What does your heart say to you? Looking backwards, what highlights of your life do you play over and over in your mind? Looking forward, what are the outcomes you imagine seeing? Are there themes repeated over your life?

Key 2: Our Passions

Inspiration is future-focused, but passion is present-focused. What excites you? What activities, when you do them, make you come alive? What would you do happily without being paid? What, if someone were to pay you to do it, would be your dream job? What makes time fly by, and never feels like it’s a sacrifice or too expensive?

Key 3: Our Talents

What are you good at, or even excel in? What comes naturally? What have you been taught or trained to do? Is there anything you have a natural aptitude for, or would even consider yourself gifted in? Are there skills you’ve honed and developed?

Key 4: Our Recognition

What do others say about your abilities or gifts? What are you recognized for? What do people come to you for advice with, or training in, or even just help to do?! Our community around us will see us in ways we won’t see ourselves so if you have enough people saying the same thing to you, pay attention!

These four keys might not fully answer the question about our purpose but I believe they will help us on that journey. As we self-reflect and identify what these keys look like in our life, we’ll be a lot clearer on next steps we can take to learn just what it is we were born to do.

What other keys could be added to this list? What is your experience in discovering these keys in your life? I’d love to hear from you in the comments below!

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