The Power of Strategic Planning

The Power of Strategic Planning August 30, 2018Leave a comment
Strategic Thinking

In my experience, when working with organisations – whether business, not-for-profit, or government – there is a journey that we must undertake to unleash the power of strategic planning and prepare to build, lead and manage well.

1. Powerful Strategic Planning helps find organisational purpose.

Our future is shaped by our past and present. This can be both in the positive and the negative. In that sense, how we look at things can provide key insights into where we are now, and where we are going. Even more fundamentally, these insights help us answer the biggest organisational question we should ask: what is our purpose? To help us determine this call, it is wise to examine our organisational history, key activities, the DNA produced by key people both past and present, our highlights and our success stories. All of these are organisational shapers and help us know and define our organisational mission. Pulling these all together, we can begin to ask ‘where are we headed?’, drawing on the wisdom of corporate influencers and hopes to begin forming our organisational vision. This enables us to begin forming our tomorrow by shaping our today.

2. Powerful Strategic Planning helps create culture.

Organisational culture is one of our main corporate growth engines and will help or hinder growth depending on what ours is. We must accurately define what culture is, identify our current culture, and not only determine our desired culture but also plan to see the required cultural shift, dealing with existing negative values and growing positive values.

3. Powerful Strategic Planning helps shape a structure that serves. 

Our organisational structures must be flexible to serve our mission, and not be rigid otherwise the mission will be second to the structure. How we build matters – and who we build with. We must pay attention to current seasons and trends and how those can and should shape our organisation. Additionally, knowing our corporate needs and goals, and planning to connect and fulfil both enables us to be present in the moment as an organisation. All of these considerations enable us to wisely begin looking at corporate structure, and good and bad practices to ensure our structure helps and does not hinder our mission.

4. Power Strategic Planning helps prepare the next steps forward. 

Moving forwards organisationally will always need the embrace of ever-increasing measures of risk! Risk is not recklessness; it is based on thorough assessment and analysis, otherwise, it is just foolishness. With as much knowledge, research, discussion and thought as we can, ultimately we must shape our next steps and the plot the next season of our corporate journey.

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